15 Date Night Ideas for a Pandemic

Did you know that guidance on how to ‘get it on’ in a COVID-friendly way has been published online? All I can say is thank you to the Terrence Higgins Trust for giving us the answers to the most pressing of questions during these challenging times.

So, since THT have already got you covered in the bedroom department, I thought I would spare you my top tips on ‘taking that trip to pound town’ and instead focus on the romantic side of things rather than the physical (something I’m sure my dad at least will be relieved to read).

Creating romance among all these rules and restrictions isn’t easy, but if you and your partner commit some extra effort and creativity to date nights, quality time together can still feel special. These 15 ideas can all be carried out at home or in the great outdoors. Enjoy!

1. Dinner date

No pot noodles allowed! Choose a recipe you wouldn’t usually cook or prepare a full three course meal a la Come Dine With Me. Light some candles, put on a playlist and serve up your grub on the posh crockery usually reserved for Christmas Day. You don’t have to be a pro in the kitchen for this to be a success – atmosphere and company will make up for subpar culinary skills.

2. A long walk

Being outdoors is great for mental health. The fresh air and all those exercise endorphins can really boost your mood, so leave those mobile phones at home and head to your nearest scenic nature spot. The absence of any distractions makes this a great option for date night, allowing you and your partner to enjoy some uninterrupted and stress-free time together.

3. Film marathon

I know, not the most original of suggestions but there’s plenty of ways to make watching a film feel a bit more exciting.

  • Write out different film titles on slips of paper and take it in turns to pick one out of a jar at random.
  • Start working your way through a film bucket list.
  • Add some fun cinema snacks – make some popcorn, a cheesy nachos platter or a pick ‘n’ mix featuring your favourite chocolate and sweets.
  • Turn it into a drinking game – here’s one for the Potterheads out there.
4. Games night

Monopoly, Cluedo, Jenga, Trivial Pursuit… and let’s not forget the hours of fun that can be had with a deck of cards. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to get competitive? As a board game and trivia addict, I am always up for this type of date night, especially when Dobble is involved. If you are a notorious board game thrower like my sister however, you might be better off skipping this idea.

5. Alcohol tasting

Wine tasting is the obvious choice, but you could have a tasting evening with any alcohol you choose. Take the opportunity to sample a fancy range of gins or mix your own cocktails. If you are on a budget, opt for cider or beer tasting and try some of the local brews often found on supermarket shelves.

6. Start a new hobby

Maybe you’ve both always wanted to try yoga or learn a new language or get to grips with the basics of karate. Load up a YouTube ‘how to’ video and give it a go. I won’t lie to you, the chances of you becoming the next Bruce Lee from watching a few online tutorials are non-existent, but the failed attempts are always the funniest and most memorable anyway.

7. Watch the sunset

Glancing at it through your living room window while you keep one eye on The Chase doesn’t count. As with all the suggestions on this list, make a bigger deal of this than you usually would! Lay a picnic blanket out in the garden, wrap up warm and enjoy the view with a chilled glass of wine. Stay there until the moon appears.

8. Re-connect

Love is in the details. Like when they tell you about that time they helped an elderly woman cross the road or how they cry whenever they hear a certain song on the radio or how they’ve hated Wednesdays ever since they were a child, even though they no longer remember the reason why. Take it in turns to ask each other questions or download an app like Happy Couple to do the question thinking for you. Whether you’re on your third date or your third year of marriage, there’s always more to learn about someone.

9. Go camping

Campsites are still open (for now) so grab your tent and spend a night or two out in nature. If you are a bit of a princess like me, remember to pack pillows and a duvet for extra comfort and warmth. You could also check out my blog on caravan stays for a more comfortable alternative to the classic two-man tent.

10. Go to the beach

Who said beaches were only for sunny weather? If you haven’t witnessed the beach on a cool day with a brisk breeze, you are missing out. Listening to the waves as they lap the shore and breathing in the sea air leaves me feeling calm and relaxed yet invigorated at the same time. It’s an experience I would recommend to anyone.

11. Stargazing

I know I have suggested this activity in several of my blogs, but I just love watching the night sky. What could be more romantic than admiring the stars while you and your partner contemplate the vastness of space and the very meaning of life itself? Challenge each other to see who can correctly identify the most constellations.

12. Spa night

Time to get the massage oil out! Set the mood with some relaxing music or nature sounds. As well as giving your partner a massage, you could enjoy a bubble bath together and don a couple of face masks, depending on whether or not your partner feels comfortable enough in his own masculinity to pamper his skin. The skin is an organ, guys! No-one is going to think you’re gay for giving your face some extra TLC to keep it looking its best.

13. Cook or bake together

Although cooking for your partner is a nice romantic gesture, the reality is often that one person spends a lot of the evening cooking in the kitchen while the other either stands there awkwardly or relaxes in another room. Cooking together solves this issue, plus there’s something satisfying about working as a team to make something delicious. If you have a sweet tooth, why not try some baking instead? Banana bread is always a crowd pleaser and it’s hard to get wrong.

14. Virtual quiz

With the return of greater ‘rona restrictions comes the resurrection of the infamous virtual quiz. If the last lockdown didn’t put you off online quizzes for life, then this could be a fun way to spend an evening as a couple or competing against friends via Zoom. A quick search on Facebook or Google will give you a variety of virtual weekly quizzes to choose from.

15. Virtual escape room

You can now do escape rooms online. Admittedly they are a pale imitation of the real deal, but it’s definitely an experience worth giving a go. You might discover a new hobby!

There you have it, love birds! My 15 date night ideas for a pandemic. Have you had any memorable date nights since lockdown began in March? Which of the suggestions on my list will you be trying first? Let me know in the comments.

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24 thoughts on “15 Date Night Ideas for a Pandemic

  1. I love the idea of a staycation with your partner. So important to keep that relationship strong, especially during these scary and frustrating times. Your list is perfect.


  2. I love these Ideas. So important to keep your relationship strong so date night should be Mandatory in every relationship. This list is amazing and will come in handy for the future


    1. You’re so right, it should be mandatory. I hope I’m still enjoying date nights after 20 years of marriage (if I’m ever lucky enough to get to that stage haha). Thanks for reading!


    1. I am jealous, I’ve always wanted to travel to Texas! I wouldn’t mind a little of that warmer weather right now, the weather has taken a cooler turn in Nottingham over the last week. Thanks for reading.


  3. Great ideas! My boyfriend and I do a date night every week, and we switch off each week who plans it, so it is super fun! We love going to the beach, having a picnic, cooking together, watching our favorite shows and movies, as well as playing board games together. Thank you for sharing these ideas as well!


    1. I love that you both take it in turns to plan the evening, I bet the element of surprise makes each date feel even more special. Having a picnic is definitely another good idea for date night. Thanks for reading!


  4. Great ideas! This year I have never spent so much time star gazing and have seen some amazing things that I normally would had missed x


    1. Same here, Lorna. I have spent several evenings looking at the night sky since this whole pandemic began. I even bought a book on astronomy so I could figure out what exactly I was looking at haha. Thanks for reading!


  5. I can for sure use some of these suggestions for date night. Now to find a way to get the kids off to bed early enough to take advantage – guess I need to set up a movie marathon for the kids upstairs 🙂


  6. I love these suggestions! My husband and I love to cook, camp, and take long walks. I like the virtual quiz idea and need to check out the Happy Couple app; that sounds fun!


  7. Time is our most valuable gift to anybody! And we all appreciate when someone puts some effort to create an special moment to make us feel loved. Love your ideas!


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