The Best Websites for Christmas Shopping

Christmas is hands down my favourite time of year. From December 1st through to Boxing Day, I have approximately the same level of festive-fuelled excitement you would expect from a 10 year old child. And that means I will be bringing you plenty of Christmas content over the next nine weeks – Scrooges and Grinches, you have been warned.

This week we are focusing on Christmas shopping. If you are a regular reader of Luce in Lockdown, you will have already established by how often I mention napping (here, here and here, for example) that I am not an energetic person. I love gift hunting for friends and family, but when it comes to trudging around the shops for hours at a time, it’s a hard pass from me. Now that we have social distancing measures and curfews to contend with as well, lengthy shopping trips are an even bigger ‘no go’ than before.

Why waste time battling for bargains against the cut-throat shoppers on the high street when there are thousands of gifts for you to browse online without ever having to leave your sofa or put on a face mask? Whether you are looking for stocking fillers or that extra special gift, here are my top 10 websites for all your present purchasing needs.


I wrote a whole blog about my unhealthy obsession with Etsy back in May. This website is always my first destination when I am on the hunt for a unique and thoughtful gift. There’s something to suit every budget, just remember to filter out any non-UK sellers from your search results to avoid hefty postage & packaging costs.


1. Personalised Christmas Candle (£14)
2. Disney Inspired Wax Melts (£5) BARGAIN
3. Unicorn and Mermaid Goodie Box (£15)
4. The Book Was Better T-Shirt (£13.99)
5. Personalised Envelope Locket Necklace (£31)


Their prices are slightly higher than some of the other websites on this list but in my opinion Not on the High Street is worth that little bit extra. The products are quirky, memorable and, as the name suggests, unlikely to be found at your local shops. They also have lots of letterbox gift packages, which are an ideal choice in these pandemic times where exchanging gifts in person may not be possible.


1. Best of British Beer Pub Gift Box (£23.95)
2. Female Role Model Themed Children’s Art Club Box (£17.90)
3. Personalised Initial Birthstone Necklace (£21)
4. Personalised All You Need is Love and a Dog Mug (£13.45)
5. Emergency Gin & Tonic Letterbox Gift (£19.95)


Do you know someone who is into one-of-a-kind home decor that makes a statement and looks more expensive than its price tag? Of course that was a rhetorical question, because who the hell wouldn’t be into that. Fun and contemporary designs are Red Candy’s speciality. Any of the items on their site will add instant character to your home.


1. Ferris Wheel Planter (£24)
2. Peacock Gin Glasses – Set of Two (£22.50)
3. Celestial Moon Hanging Planter (£12)
4. Freddie Mercury Tea Towel (£11.25)
5. Neon Pink Statement Finger Jewellery Holder (£23)


IWOOT is a great place to find the hottest and trendiest gifts on the internet. I thought I was happy when I discovered the pack of drag queen playing cards, but then I spotted the bacon express cooker. This website is a fantastic choice for stocking fillers, as it has a large variety of items under £10 to choose from.


1. Smart Bacon Express Cooker (£44.99)
2. Glass Globe Whiskey Decanter (£24.99)
3. Drag Queen Playing Cards (£9.99) BARGAIN
4. Grow Your Own Terrarium Kit (£9.99) BARGAIN
5. Hogwarts Tealight Holder (£6.99) BARGAIN


Can you believe this is the first Christmas since Netflix introduced the world to Tiger King? Well, now you can celebrate by buying someone you love a Tiger King jigsaw puzzle. Every year I always order at least one present from Firebox and I am always impressed by the quality and value of the products I receive.


1. How to Swear Around the World (£9.99) BARGAIN
2. Tiger King Jigsaw (£14.99)
3. Harry Potter Face Mask (£9.99) BARGAIN
4. FRIENDS: The Official Cookbook (£24.99)
5. Make Your Own Unicorn Macarons Kit (£19.99)


Giving someone a voucher used to feel lazy and impersonal, but thanks to sites like Find Me A Gift vouchers have become a lot more exciting with experience days rising in popularity. Afternoon tea packages, spa days, paint-balling and all at reasonable prices. Most vouchers can be used at many different locations across the country with plenty of flexibility on dates, but it’s important to read the terms and conditions before you buy.


1. Film Night Gift Box (£19.99)
2. Ladybird House (£13.99)
3. Afternoon Tea for Two at the Hilton London West End Hotel (£34.99)
4. Paintballing for Four (£19.60)
5. Personalised Light Box Adventure World Map (£39.99)


Etsy may be the first place I look for gifts, but Prezzybox is still my favourite website on this whole list. They sell memorable gifts at very good prices that cater to a variety of recipients. The GBBO bath melts are a solid choice for any Bake Off fanatic, like your mum or grandma, while I guarantee the Snakes and Bladdered board game will be gratefully received by any university student in the family.


1. Snakes and Bladdered Shot Game (£9.99) BARGAIN
2. The Great British Bathe Off Bath Melts (£9.99) BARGAIN
3. Test Your Dog: Is Your Dog an Undiscovered Genius? (£5.99) BARGAIN
4. Smuggle Your Booze Stealth Hair Brush (£19.99)
5. Tequila Mockingbird – Literary Inspired Cocktail Recipes (£9.99) BARGAIN


A website dedicated to edible gift giving. Yes, it’s as wonderful as it sounds. With Yumbles, you can send something delicious and ready to eat via post or gift a recipe kit for a fun family activity. Yumbles have also started selling festive food hampers, starting from prices as low as £16.50.


1. Italian Cheese Making Kit (£24.99)
2. Black Forest Floral Brownies (£12)
3. Cheer Me Up Tea Bird & Blend Gift Box (£13.50)
4. Little Bakers’ Gift Box (£12)
5. Luxury Christmas Letterbox Hamper (£32.95)


Personalised gifts are the easiest way to gift someone a thoughtful present and Getting Personal has hundreds to choose from. Create sentimental notebooks, calendars and wall art with just your Facebook photos and a few taps of your finger. It couldn’t be easier!


1. Personalised Baby Brush and Comb Keepsake Set (£19.99)
2. Personalised LED Colour Changing Unicorn Night Light (£20.99)
3. Personalised Engraved Cocktail Mixer Set (£29.99)
4. Personalised Photo Cover Notebook (£7.99) BARGAIN
5. Personalised Engraved Antique-Style Trinket Box (£19.99)


Although the name suggests a male-focused gift selection, MenKind has interesting present ideas for all members of your family. There’s lots of cool gadgets and technology on offer, like the Stellarscope, which has jumped to the top of my Christmas wish list (don’t forget to add it to yours too in preparation for your next star gazing date night!) This website is a good place to shop for your nerdier friends and relatives, with gaming accessories and drones available as well as miniature 3D printers.


1. Jumanji Board Game (£18)
2. Clip-on Cat Selfie Accessory (£8) BARGAIN
3. Stellarscope – Constellation Finder (£35)
4. Mermaid Blanket (£25)
5. Neon Pink Flamingo Desk Light (£25)

Do you usually do much of your gift shopping online? Which of my website recommendations will you be taking a look at first? Let me know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “The Best Websites for Christmas Shopping

  1. I love these gift ideas! I also love shopping from home and not having to be around people, with or without a pandemic 😷 You’ve included something for everyone!


  2. What a thorough list, you’ve spent a lot of time on this. I loved having a read as I’ve recently written my own Christmas recommendations. ❤️


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