Spotlight on: Roxy Ball Room

It’s time for another ‘Spotlight on’ blog and this time we’re headed to new entertainment venue and bar Roxy Ball Room (a.k.a Roxy’s), which opened at The Cornerhouse in Nottingham city centre earlier this month.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party where I tried out the games and taste tested a selection of the food and drinks menu. My trip to Roxy’s was kindly gifted, however I’m under no obligation to write a review, so all thoughts and opinions in this blog post are provided honestly.

In case you missed my first ‘Spotlight on’ blog about coffee house/tattoo parlour Neon Wolf, the ‘Spotlight on’ series features food & drink venues in Nottingham that deserve to be shouted about.

The vibe & aesthetic 💫

Roxy’s is a different kind of ball room from the one you may have encountered in period dramas and Jane Austen novels. Rather than regency dresses and formal dancing, you’ll find booze, ball games and even a bowling alley. The chances of meeting Mr Darcy at the beer pong table may be non-existent, but you’ll have more fun drinking cocktails and beating your mates at ping pong anyway.

What I love about Roxy’s is the laidback atmosphere and relaxed dress code make it a venue for all occasions. You could enjoy a big Saturday night out there with the gang, but it’s also an ideal place for spontaneous mid-week plans when you just want to chill and avoid a hangover the next day. Sober or not-so-sober, you’re guaranteed a great evening.

Roxy’s fun vibe is reflected in the decor, with neon lights, bold patterns and graffiti-style art providing lots of insta-worthy photo opportunities, and also in the music. A soundtrack of early 2000s indie rock bangers will take you back to the emo phase that every person in their late twenties and early thirties went through as a teen. I loved singing along to Fall Out Boy and Blink-182, and couldn’t resist adding a few songs to my Spotify when I got home. (Rainbow fingerless gloves and heavy black eyeliner, however, can stay in the past where they belong!)

The games 🎳

The main appeal of Roxy Ball Room is without a doubt the huge variety of games on offer. You could easily spend a whole evening there without any risk of boredom. The long list of games includes timeless classics such as pool, ping pong and beer pong, as well as more unusual games to try like shuffleboard, ice curling and crazy pool (crazy golf but with pool cues!)

I’ll be honest with you all — when I first found out how much the games cost, I thought the prices were a bit steep. However after a chat with my best friend who went to Roxy’s the week after I did, I realised that when you consider the money most of us spend on alcohol during an average night out without batting an eyelid, the prices are pretty reasonable.

Off peak (Sunday to Wednesday), a bowling lane is £8 per person and games tables are £12 per table. In peak time (Thursday to Saturday), it’s £10 per person for bowling and £15 per games table.

You can view a full list of prices on the Roxy Ball Room website.

A highlight of the evening for me was discovering the private karaoke rooms (£24 per hour off peak, £30 on peak.) I seriously can’t wait to butcher Cher’s Believe on a girls’ night out here this summer. Each room fits up to 20 people, so if you’re lucky enough to know 19 people who like you enough to listen to your drunken rendition of an 80s power ballad, it works out at £1.50 each. Not too shabby!

The menu 🍕

If you’re on a diet, make sure you eat before you visit Roxy’s because salads are most definitely not on the menu! The food offering consisted of pizzas and shareable nibbles — think tapas, but cheesy and deep fried in the best kind of way.

We had the mozzarella sticks, a chicken & chorizo pizza and (my personal favourite) mini chorizo bites with chipotle mayo. The pizza was also handily served by the slice, ideal for smaller appetites or those times when you just fancy something to snack on.

There was plenty of choice on the drinks menu with prices typical of most bars in Nottingham city centre. I was drinking disaronno and diet coke most of the night, but I did manage to sample a couple of cocktails. There were 20 different cocktails, all priced at £7.50. I had my all-time favourite, the Piña Colada, and also Roxy’s version of a pornstar martini (the Ping Star Martini). 10/10, would recommend!

Where to find them 📍

Address: Roxy Ball Room, The Cornerhouse, Burton Street, Nottingham, NG1 4DB

Instagram: @roxyballroom

Google Maps location

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