10 best places for coffee and a catch-up in Nottingham

I can confirm that I’ve officially reached the age where coffee shops have replaced cocktail bars as my preferred location for a catch-up.

Few things make my heart happier than a comforting mug of coffee and some cosy conversation. If I’m in a cute café and hot chocolate’s also on the menu, even better!

If you enjoy a good catch-up over coffee, you need to add the 10 Nottingham businesses that feature in this blog post to your list of places to visit.

All of the coffee shops featured are independent businesses because, despite loving a grande caramel latte as much as the next basic white girl, Starbucks and the other coffee giants of this world don’t need your support in the same way that Notts indies do. Shop small and support local!

Effy — 15 Hounds Gate, Nottingham NG1 7AA

No coffee shop does cute quite like Effy. A prime ‘Instagrammable’ spot in Notts, this Hounds Gate hang-out pairs chic interior design with retro style crockery. Seating is limited, making a spare table on weekends hard to come by, but Effy is great for a mid-week catch-up on your lunch break.

Blend — Unit 30, Avenue C, Sneinton Market, Nottingham NG1 1DW

When I’m in the mood for something a bit different than my usual coffee order (a one shot oat latte ta), a trip to Blend is in order. As well as offering all the classic items you’d expect to see on a specialty coffee menu, Blend has a number of more unusual flavours including a bright pink Beetroot Latte.

Kigali — 2 Stoney St, Nottingham NG1 1LG

My current ‘go to’ coffee shop! Kigali is conveniently located around the corner from my office and their iced lattes are the most refreshing tonic to a hot summer’s day. This trendy venue is definitely the smallest store on my list, but it’s a nice place to chill if you do manage to grab one of the limited indoor and outdoor seats.

Yolk — 29 Goose Gate, Nottingham NG1 1FE

Known for the distinctive yellow shop, Yolk is a great setting for a coffee or brunch date. The bright, bold decor is an instant mood booster. This also happens to be one of the best places for people watching in Hockley. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you try one of their hot chocolates too!

The Specialty — 50 Friar Ln, Nottingham NG1 6DQ

The Specialty is a small, family-run coffee shop and kitchen. Founded by a couple from Italy, this city centre gem offers delicious food with flavours inspired by both Italian and British cuisine. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to take a coffee break or enjoy a bite to eat, The Specialty is a winning choice.

200 Degrees — 99 Carrington St, Nottingham NG1 7FE

Writing a blog about Nottingham coffee places and not mentioning 200 Degrees would just be wrong. Now developing a national reputation, 200 Degrees was born in Nottingham and has several stores across the city. I’ve included their store on Carrington Street, as it’s next to the train station and therefore perfect for meeting and greeting a friend who’s just arrived in the city.

Cartwheel — 16 Low Pavement, Nottingham NG1 7DL

Another cosy and compact venue, where there’s always a gentle hum of background chatter. I love ordering a chai latte from Cartwheel, grabbing a window seat and just soaking up the warm atmosphere. This place also has one of my favourite brunch menus in the whole of Nottingham, so give it a try if you’re feeling peckish!

Beeston Social — 2 Station Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2WJ

Beeston Social has quickly become a favourite hangout spot for locals. It’s a cafe, bar and restaurant rolled into one, with comfy sofas and a cosy vibe as well as board games and its own arcade. Make sure you grab yourself a Beeston Brownie (if you know, you know) from the Origin Café counter.

Café Coco Tang — 8 Byard Ln, Nottingham NG1 2GJ

When it comes to aesthetic, Café Coco Tang definitely has the wow factor and it’s always fun taking friends there for the first time. Open til 10pm most days, my motto for this business is ‘go for the coffee, stay for the cocktails’. It’s the perfect day to night venue for those long over-due catch-ups.

ØKENDE — 22 Gordon Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5LN

This minimalist, modern and monochrome coffee shop is worth the bus ride to West Bridgford high street. Effortlessly cool and hip, ØKENDE feels like such a stylish place to sip on a latte and chat about life. Their specialty coffee menu may be limited but the sophisticated tastes speak for themselves!

Where’s your favourite place to catch-up with friends in Nottingham? Are you a familiar face at one of the coffee shops on my list or do you prefer a different local café? Let me know in the comments, I love to read your recommendations!

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